Information Technologies

Technology is the backbone of today’s business and the way in which technologies are used is very important. Our business system relies not only on technology but also on experienced people using top-quality hardware and software to exceed the requirements of our customers.
Euromont Logistic has solutions required for simple operation:

  • High system availability for central data archiving to ensure business continuity.
  • Working with a secure network system
  • A reliable high-quality server computer guarantees data security and access speed through a stable and fast network infrastructure.
  • Electronic data interchange via the application
  • Integration requiring the synchronisation of data and applications, hardware and network infrastructure.
  • Solutions for all special requirements for the labelling and tracking of goods
  • Focus on cost-efficient and expeditious solutions in business applications, system integration and infrastructure space.
  • Overseeing and measuring productivity
  • Barcoding / RF devices
  • RFID (remote data transmission and capture)
  • Online support for the application 24/7/365
  • Consultancy services

We have implemented the latest IT solutions to provide high-quality services and improve customer satisfaction. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a vital part of the logistics chain organisation and its main purpose is to control the movement of goods at the warehouse by tracking and controlling logistics processes. WMS is connected to an internal information system (ERP).

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