International And Domestic Transport And Customs Clearance

EUROMONT LOGISTIC provides fast and reliable transport of goods to the intended destination by integrating quick and efficient transport, logistics and customs clearance solutions. We organise the transport of the stored goods through our company EuromontŠped, but also by hiring permanent partners.

We own a modern fleet of 30 freight and delivery vehicles for providing the services of transport from the factory and the partner’s warehouse to retail chains.

All transport vehicles have a state-of-the-art satellite tracking system, making it possible to be fully aware of the goods location and movement.

All vehicles in the fleet have CEMT permits (Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports / European Conference of Transport Ministers).

Euromont Logistic provides customs clearance services to all those who store their goods at our logistics centre, enabling them to complete an entire import cycle with a single telephone call, from the loading site through transport, customs, storage and bonded warehouse to distribution to the final customer. We look for reliable partners in any market where we operate and we will help to build relationships to ensure safe and consistent delivery and transport of your products.

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